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Welcome to Texas District Anchor
Texas District Anchor clubs allows young people to make a difference in their world through volunteer service. Anchor clubs can be formed in colleges, high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools. Anchors learn valuable skills that prepare them to become more understanding of those in need while having fun through fellowship and service.
Pilot International formed Anchor clubs in 1952.   Pilot Clubs across the United States, the Bahamas and Japan sponsor Anchor clubs in their communities.
The focus for both Anchor and Pilot is Brain Trauma Injury (TBI) and Brain Related Disorders.  Clubs bring smiles to nursing homes residents with bingo and dances.  They assist and promote Alzheimer’s Walks as well as Relay for Life Events. They also support and help with Special Olympics and many more projects!  
Anchors and Pilots perform BrainMinders skits for children that shows them ways to protect their brains for life.
Texas has several TBI camps throughout the state and Anchors and Pilots volunteer their time to help make TBI camp a wonderful experience for adult campers with traumatic brain injuries.
There are 25 Anchor clubs in Texas with over 1,000 members and there are over 7,000 members worldwide.  Just imagine 1,000 volunteering in their communites and over 7,000 Anchors volunteering worldwide. 
If you would like more information about Texas District Anchor clubs or Pilot International, please contact: Monica Garze, Texas District Anchor Coordinator,
Access Pilot International for Anchor information