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Welcome to the Texas District of Pilot International

We are the second-largest District of 20 in Pilot International, with 36 clubs across the state of Texas.
Pilot Club International (hereafter Pilot International) was chartered on October 18, 1921, in Macon, Georgia. Forty local businesswomen envisioned not only a local club but an international organization from the beginning, and the name “Pilot” was inspired by the mighty riverboat pilots of the day, who represented leadership and guidance. 
Pilot's principles are friendship, service, integrity, leadership and vision; our motto is “True Course Ever”; our colors are green (for life and vigor) and gold (for sincerity of purpose); and our emblem is a riverboat pilot’s wheel with eight spokes.
In 1990–1991 Pilot International adopted brain-related disorders as a service focus. BrainMinders is the signature project of Pilot International. Protecting your brain for life is an ongoing program teaching children, youth, and seniors about protecting their brains. 
Texas Pilots present BrainMinders to thousands of children  and seniors throughout the District each year. Puppet shows, stories, activity and coloring books, and songs promote brain safety.
Texas Pilots support this focus through projects in our communities. The signature project for the Texas District is traumatic brain injury camps. Pilots support three weekend camps and one day camp for adult traumatic brain injury survivors. Texas Pilots have created the TBI Camp Foundation to help support these camps.
The 2017-2018 focus procject is concussions and the effects on patients and caregivers. Alzheimer’s awareness is another focus. Awareness and understanding of this disease will enable us to assist caregivers and those affected by this disease.
Pilot International has also partnered with Project Lifesaver, and many clubs in the Texas District work hand in hand with local law enforcement to promote and fund this wonderful project, which helps protect our citizens who wander. Please visit the Project Lifesaver website:
Texas Pilots will come together for training during the 2017–2018 Pilot year.  North Fall Council will be in Dallas on September 23, 2017; South Fall Council will be in El Campo on September 30, 2017.
District Anchor Convention will be in Conroe/Montgomery February 23-24, 2018 and the District Pilot Convention will also be in Conroe/Montgomery, April 13–15, 2018. Both will be at the LaTorretta Lake Resort and Spa.
See the Fall Council and Convention links on the portal for further information.
For more information about Texas District Pilot, please contact, Connie Hernandez, 2017-2018 Governor Texas District Pilot. email:
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